The World’s Wackiest Computer Keyboards

If you have visited an office that in work in a specialized field, or have a friend whose home office is built around specific tasks such as coding, you may have gotten accustomed to seeing various different styles of keyboards with exciting and different-looking designs. If you have and think that you are missing something, here are a handful of recent keyboard designs that have come to the market and the reasons for their ‘Wacky Designs’.


Roll Up Keyboard

Roll up keyboard

Perhaps you are frustrated with inflexible keyboards? This fun, blue, flexible keyboard with the standard layout of 104 keys rolls-up for easy storage and portability. The manufacturer states that its dust and moisture proof, too.

Don’t get it confused with your Yoga Mat!

The Blank Keyboard

blank keyboard

Have you ever wanted to brag about your touch-typing skills? This is the ultimate bragger’s tool.

“I don’t need letters or numbers I know where everything is from memory!” Or perhaps it’s a test, or an office rookie hazing gag?

The Keyboard that isn’t there

Laser keyboard

This design features a laser tower projects a virtual keyboard on any surface, and reacts when you press a certain area of the light. I don’t think that working on a moving vehicle will be a popular choice with this keyboard.


The ‘Box’ Keyboard

Box keyboard

Although designed to ensure that those that work that numbers as well as alphabetic characters are always typing on a flat surface, doesn’t this look like a keyboard that 4 or 5 people can work on simultaneously – Kind of like Car-Pooling!


The Keyless Keyboard

keyless keyboard


A keyboard that looks like the front of your Mother’s stove! Slide the two dials into certain positions to trigger every keystroke you will need. We think it looks as if it belongs on the Navigation Bridge of a Starship.

The Wrist Keyboard

the wrist keyboard

Want to make a scene at the coffee shop while doing your Sunday coffee stop work? This will certainly turn heads. Of course you have to work out that arm before you can use it. It looks heavy to us!


The Tidy Typist

tidy typist keyboard

Now, this is something special: A felt ‘tablecloth’ that holds the keyboard, and then is decorated in a range of colors and designs. If Jane Austen were writing today, this would be her keyboard!

We wonder if it comes with the delightfully placed cup of tea.


We have had some fun in this post, with the very serious manufacturers of these specialist pieces of equipment. All of these designs are the results of long hours of research, testing, marketing and building. However, it is worth remembering that although there are lots of keyboards on the market to help you, not all will do the job for you.

Do your own research when looking for a Specialty keyboard. Think about its practicality and Functionality. It looks nice and thin, but does it do everything you need it to do?

It’s small and cute, but does that mean it is practical, and will it hurt you to use it?

It looks very fancy, but will it actually hurt your fingers, wrists, shoulders and back after a short while of using it?

When you do your keyboard shopping, ensure that you look for an ergonomic one first. Get one that is comfortable to use, and aids in a better posture. If you are comfortable first, the clever styles that you see could help you further in the particular job, but if you are comfortable for extended periods of time, the chances are you will become more productive.

An ergonomic design looks pretty cool, too!